• 19.10.2016
  • Maia, Portugal
    Maia, Portugal

CIN patents an innovative solution against visual pollution in urban environments

New anti-adhesive and anti-graffiti varnish

CIN Industrial Coatings - a CIN group company that specializes in industrial paints - has developed an innovative varnish that makes it difficult to put up posters and stickers and helps clean graffiti.
The combination of these two properties makes this product the ideal solution to protect urban equipment against urban pollution, such as traffic lights, lampposts, public transport shelters and urban furniture, among others.

Given the usefulness of this product and its innovative nature, CIN has decided to protect its intellectual property and has submitted a patent application.

The surface structure of the varnish prevents posters or stickers from adhering to areas where the product has been applied.
Thus, when glued to a vertical surface, the adhesive material will either fall by itself or can be very easily removed by a cleaning team. Furthermore, the varnish has an anti-graffiti system that makes it easy to remove paint and spray from the surface of urban equipment without affecting the original appearance of the coated part.

The varnish is transparent so it does not alter the colour of the item to be coated. It is a super resistant product, both in terms of time and exposure to weathering.
Its anti-adhesive ability is kept even after several graffiti cleaning cycles.

The product is part of the Megadur range of hard-wearing powder coatings for use in industrial facilities and is marketed with the reference Megatane S7PX.
Powder coatings are considered environmentally friendly products as they do not contain solvents.
Their application process is more efficient, reducing the consumption of raw materials.

CIN Industrial Coatings is currently marketing the product in Portugal and abroad.
CIN has been a leader in industrial paints in Portugal since 1958 and about 45% of its turnover is generated by exports.