• 15.09.2016
  • Maia, Portugal
    Maia, Portugal

CIN Launches Colour Trends 2017 inspired by the force of Nature

40 new colours for decorating your house

CIN has just introduced its Colour Trends for 2017.
The new catalogue, Color Revelation, brings together a total of 40 colours inspired by the force of nature and chosen to reveal the beauty of the house and its walls. Comprising four collections - Neutral Revelation, Red Revelation, Blue Revelation and Green Revelation - the 40 shades proposed by CIN are next year's indispensable colours.
“We want people to create their own colour combination using this versatile collection of four chromatic groups and 40 new tones”, explained Céline de Azevedo, Colour Designer at CIN.

The colour of the season

CIN is promoting Verdigris as the Colour of the Season, a blue-green pigment produced by copper oxidation.
This contemporary, classical, sophisticated tone suits all types of decoration, for all purposes.
Verdigris has a strong connection to nature, plants, water and air nuances, fitting perfectly into the trends for 2017.

2017 Colour Trends

The new CIN Colour Trends Catalogue for 2017 was inspired by the indomitable force of nature in its purest and wildest state.

he 40 colours created by CIN for 2017 are presented in four collections, with 10 new tones each, with a constant connection to nature, marked by nuances of water, air, minerals and soil.
In fact, by the earth, by life and by our home - Planet Earth.

Neutral Revelation

Colours, materials and textures that convey purity, in search of balance and serenity. he Neutral Revelation range offers neutral, gentle and timeless tones: ideal for every corner of the house: Carrara White #E675, Simply Grey #E676, Stromboli #E677, Meteorite #E678, Taupe #E679, Alpaca Grey #E680, Tobacco #E681, Sandstone #E682, Greige #E683 e Linen #E684.

Red Revelation

The range of emotions, of sweet, sensitive and agreeable tones and aromas. Emotional, affective and olfactory, Red Revelation is femininity expressed in nature.
This chromatic revelation in reddish and rosy tones is really trendy in the house with its new colours: Cameo Pink #E685, Coral Velvet #E686, Nude #E687, Old Cognac #E688, Royal Grape #E689, New Blush #E690, Victorian Rose #E691, Bouquet #E692, Interlude #E693 e Burgundy #E694.

Blue Revelation

This range gives colour to calm and intensity, to quiet and movement, to rest and energy. The blues of 2017 convey an oceanic peace that invades the house.
The relaxing blues of the sky and the sea form the Blue Revelation proposal to colour interiors with harmony: Nuages #E695, Into the Blue #E696, Mare Nostrum #E697, Twilight #E698, Abyss Blue #E699, Seascape #E700, Bleu Canard #E701, Petrol Blue #E702, Sea Clay #E703 e Blue Mountains #E704.     

Green Revelation

With different hues and intensities, this collection arising from nature fills our space with life. Green Revelation is the green of plants, the green of forests, it is growth and what grows. A tribute to chlorophyll, photosynthesis and the landscape so the new colours: Caribbean #E705, Verdigris #E706, Sumptuous Green #E707, Céladon #E708, Líquen #E709,  Taiga #E710, Khaki Vert #E711, Vert Chartreuse #E712, Petrichor #E713 e Mustard #E714.

Colorrevelation.com, a more engaging way of showing colours

In addition to the usual Colour Trends Catalogue, available at all CIN stores, the brand has gone even further this year by creating a website specifically to reveal CIN's new colour collection:
So when you visit this website you can browse through the 2017 Colour Trends Catalogue, order it and receive it at home, navigate the colours in the collection and view the history of each collection through videos that CIN has created.
QR codes have also been introduced in all communication materials, to enable customers to access additional information on their smartphones.
“Shooting these 5 mini-films represents one of the novelties for this year, because they allow the inspirational origin of the project to be expressed in the best way.
Colours inspire our imagination, reveal and evoke images, sounds, smells, memories and, in this sense, we considered it essential to create these videos that present and represent our collection this year”, stated CIN's Colour Designer.

How 2017 is chromatically characterised

According to CIN's colour designer, these will be the 9 “commandments” for next year's colours:

1. The colour palette is composed of half-tone shades and darker shades.
2. The pink tones are blush or skin-coloured but always warm and smoky.
According to the latest colour trends launched by CIN, recent times are characterised by the undeniable return of pink to decor.
This tone is subtle and feminine, and is becoming the new icon in decor, the new neutral..
It is a colour that contrasts harmoniously with the most commonly used materials such as concrete, marble and metal (golds and coppers).
3. The greens are bluish and foggy or feature olive-like shades.
4. The blues are deep or greyish.
5. The red of choice is the shade of wine.
6. The yellow darkens and gives way to mustard tones.
7. The oranges are soft, with coral tones.
8. Browns are the colour of tobacco and bronze.
9. The greys continue to take root, as they have been doing in recent years. The coloured greys gain strength in decoration.


The CIN brand is a benchmark in the national and international paint and varnish markets, constantly in high demand amongst the more demanding consumers and professionals.
This year it celebrates 16 years creating and innovating with unique colours, having launched its Catalogue of Colour Trends every year since 2000. Today, CIN's colour trends are international and developed in various languages for different countries where the brand is present.
As well as being available in several languages, the Colour Trends Catalogue 2017 also has tools to support colour selection.
Samples of the tones have been created on 8x10cm cards (Take Home Chips), which are available at CIN stores and can be taken home.
There is a special stick with all the colours for the specific use of professionals, as well as a colour simulator which enables you to virtually test the colours in the environments to be painted.
And TESTiT, a CIN product which allows you to experiment with the colours in small areas before making a final decision.

Discover more inspiration at Colorrevelation.com