• 24.04.2018
  • Maia, Portugal
    Maia, Portugal

CIN launches AC-THANE, the new and innovative enamel

The brand will be the pioneer in the national market to launch a new generation of acrylic enamels enriched with Polyurethane

  • CIN launches AC-THANE, the new and innovative enamel

CIN, a Portuguese brand and Iberian leader in the paint and varnish market, has just launched AC-THANE enamel, an acrylic enamel with innovative technology whose new formula, guarantees an ultra-soft touch and excellent finish.

By guaranteeing perfect lacquering and quick drying, which allows two coats to be applied in a single day, the new AC-THANE is recommended for painting indoor and outdoor wood and metal surfaces.

Designed for professionals and end customers, AC-THANE's innovative technology, based on a new formulation enriched with polyurethane, promises to revolutionize the enamel industry, giving extra hardness and flexibility to the applied surface. The new CIN enamel is also characterized by its low odour, high durability and easy application.

Tests carried out by CIN's Innovation and Development laboratories prove that the new AC-THANE has a lower level of tack and a higher coverage power when compared to other enamels in the market.

Available in hundreds of colours with maximum safety and quality, the new AC-THANE enamel represents one of CIN’s great new product launches in 2018. 

As an essential benchmark in the Architectural, Industry and Protective Coatings markets, CIN wants to continue to improve the products it makes available to professional painters and Do It Yourself enthusiasts, always presenting new and innovative products to the sector.